Freelance work

I left Switzerland for about 2 years to experience living abroad. I was able to improve my autonomy and skills while developping freelance web, mobile and design projects for customers from around the world.

Web Dev: I developped different websites for various clients such as Vintage Certinas,,, Odd Einar and a few others. The technologies used are PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JS, YII2 and Wordpress.

In collaboration with Segment, we developped a Drupal Cart module for Maison Gilliard as well as different other projects.

I developped an iOS app for a customer to help players explain strategies to their clan mates in Clash of Clans.

Le P'tit ├ęcolier is a printed agenda for the students of the elementary school in Givisiez. The design was made with inDesign and Illustrator.